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Wilkuro Safety Toes are the
Proven Solution

Wilkuro Safety Toes are a time-tested and proven steel toe shoe solution, which is ideal in any environment where there is risk of accidental toe damage or where steel toe shoe cap is required.

Designed to fit comfortably over soft-toed shoes, including runners and even low-heeled dress shoes*, Wilkuro Safety Toes are an excellent alternative to steel toe safety shoes.

Order them for casual or temporary workers, visitors to a plant, sales persons, executives or clerical staff.

Unlike standard steel-toed safety shoes, they can be passed from person to person without hygiene concerns. They are compact, can be easily stored, and their color-coded steel toes make their sizes easy to identify. Rebag them and toss them in a briefcase, and they will be available whenever needed.

They are even ideal for home use and are great for gardeners. Find a Wilkuro distributor near you today.

Constant Innovation

Originally made with rubber, Wilkuro has thoroughly tested and subsequently implemented a number product upgrades which have substantially improved the safety and durability this product since its debut in 1985. Learn the history of the Wilkuro Safety Toe Overshoe. Read the Wilkuro Story.

Now with PVC

Most recently, the company saw a way to upgrade its overshoe to a durable PVC Overshoe material, which has been shown quantitatively to outperform rubber in virtually all instances tested. This change has not resulted in any additional costs to Wilkuro’s customers.
Click here for a chemical by chemical comparison of Rubber versus PVC test in PDF.

Commitment to Quality

Wilkuro Safety Toes have been successfully tested against the highest standards for toe protection. The company is so committed to quality and consistency; it became ISO registered in 2004.

The Original Wilkuro Safety Toes have been accepted by major organizations across North America as standard plant safety equipment.

Available in 7 color-coded sizes for easy identification. Click here for sizing information.

Wilkuro Steel Toe Safety Shoes in use

Quick Facts:

  • Low-cost, high-quality alternative
    to steel toe safety shoes
  • Accepted by OSHA
  • For use where steel toe cap footwear is required
  • Fits comfortably over most soft-toed shoes
  • Exceeds highest test standards for toe protection
  • Hygienic
  • Available in 7 color-coded sizes
  • Slip Resistant
  • Waterproof 
  • Made with durable PVC
  • Accepted by major organizations as standard plant safety equipment

* In the interest of safety of plant visitors, Wilkuro Safety Toes does not accommodate high-heeled shoes. Guests should always be asked to wear low-heeled shoes when entering a plant or other area where toe or foot protection is required. Cutting out the heel for high-heeled guests voids the product warranty.

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