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Find a Distributor

Wilkuro Safety Toes sells to mainly to a worldwide network of distributors.

To purchase the Wilkuro Safety Toes, please contact us and tell us where you are located. We will be pleased to put you in touch with a distributor near you.

If you are based in Europe, you may also contact Akta Trading Holland directly at 0031 527­615 722.


If you are based in the United Kingdom, you may contact Merseyside Industrial Supplies directly at 0151­639­7382.

Martor UK Ltd.Martor UK Ltd
01924 281 133

If you are based in South America, please contact:

AV LA PAZ 2919
Lima, 32 Peru
Contact: Alvaro Guerra
sales@semarkcorp.com erre@wilkuro.pe

H 3 E Importacao e Representacao Comercial Ltda
Sao Paulo Brasil
Contact : Elenita Elias
+ 55 11 2837-7884



6 Colour Coded Sizes

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